This is a true story about how Credit Repair Heroes helped me boost my credit score by 134 points in just four months

From Happy to Homeless

Credit Repair Heroes

When the market crashed, I lost my job in Real Estate, which left me with a lot of bills I couldn’t pay and I ended up losing my house to short sale.

I was beyond embarrassed about my situation and I felt like a failure. I had no idea how to fix it.


To make matters worse…

The bank filed my paperwork incorrectly leaving ME with an even worse credit score and nowhere to turn. After meeting with attorneys and other credit repair companies, I felt defeated; I had no clue where to turn.

I decided to just “deal with it”. It was easier than dealing with people who I did not trust or people that were just trying to get me to spend money.


From Bad to Worse

Credit Repair Heroes

At this point my credit score was below 620 and I had debt collectors calling me every day.

Some of the collectors were so aggressive that they would call 10-20 times per day.

credit missed calls

As much as I would try to avoid it and pretend I didn’t care, it would somehow poke its nasty head back into my life. Either by receiving a ton of calls or the humiliation of getting turned down every time I applied for a line of credit.

After doing my free strategy session, with my personal “Credit Hero” as they are called, I was comfortable and confident with all this new knowledge. He explained how we might not be able to delete all the bad items on my credit, but this would be my best chance and communicating with the bureaus is the first step.


Someone Actually Wanted to Help Me

Credit Repair Heroes

My Credit Hero Ashton, took the time to explain every item on my credit report and how we were going to handle it. I finally felt empowered again and most importantly I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

With Ashton by my side I was ready to fight!

Throughout the whole process Ashton was always there for me. He helped me get set up in their program and was always quick to respond. The process was so simple, all I had to do was submit my documents to him and just like that, everything was ready to go!


Credit Repair Heroes

At this point I was starting to feel confident things were moving in the right direction and I had a Credit Repair Hero behind me!!

At first, I could not have been more nervous to explain to a stranger my life, let alone my credit history. But after meeting with Ashton, I felt a lot more comfortable with the whole process. In that moment I felt like someone finally cared enough to help me.

He wasn’t asking for my credit card information, asking me for money up front, pressuring me to sign up or pretending all my worries would be gone.


Check out my credit score before Ashton started working on it for me:

One of my biggest concerns before moving forward was, how do I make sure he is actually working on my case? How do I even know what progress looks like?

After asking Ashton, he told me about their online platform. I could log in whenever I wanted and get real time updates on progress and successes.

All I had to do was log into the client portal, and I could see everything. No games, no lies, letters go out and results come back in. It really was that simple. I could log in, upload my response letters and get an update on everything.


They made it super easy for me. Take a look at my online dashboard:

During the strategy session Ashton told me a lot about the process and how it works. What I took away from it was this… There’s a lot of written communication that takes place between my Credit Hero and the bureaus. The faster I get these letters uploaded, the faster my credit gets better.

Throughout the 4-month process, Ashton only asked one thing of me. Get those response letters uploaded to my online portal ASAP. (the bureaus send the response letters back to your address).


Erasing Bad Credit

Credit heroes

While going through the process, I noticed that the letters written by Credit Repair Heroes were causing the removal of negative items on my credit report.

As we started working together, Ashton explained to me that some of the bad items on my report would come off after just 1 or 2 rounds of dispute letters, while others can take several rounds of letters. The whole time, he kept me in the loop.

I also learned about one other key component for successful credit repair….

It’s vital to:

  • Not let any lenders run my credit
  • Not get new debt
  • Not miss any payments
  • Not increase balances on credit cards or make large purchases before our ideal credit picture has been reached.

In other words… let  Ashton work his magic before I do anything with my credit.

Credit Repair Heroes

I learned that this is where a lot of cases can take longer than they should because the client does something that negatively affects their credit.

This meant I needed to keep paying my bills on time during and after this process. Any new derogatory items on my credit report will drag my score down faster than any work Ashton can do to push it back up.

Throughout the process he was getting items removed almost every month! I couldn’t believe it. I started getting excited every time I saw a letter (l used to avoid them, now I couldn’t wait for them).

They were like little gifts disguised as letters ha-ha.


Here is a section of a letter I received from TransUnion:

As these letters kept coming, all I had to do was make sure to send them or upload them to my online portal ASAP.

After 4 short months of working with Credit Repair Heroes, they were able to help increase my credit score by over 134 points as well as getting an 83% improvement on my overall credit picture! Cha-Ching! Now that’s what I call results.

I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened for me, in just a few short months I went from giving up and having nowhere to turn to a complete credit and life transformation!!


My results page inside the online platform was a thing of beauty:

I learned while going through the credit repair process, that there are 2 key factors that play into improving my overall credit picture. The first is removing/correcting bad or derogatory items as seen in the image above.

The other is not allowing new derogatory items to hit my report, giving me the best chance for an increase in credit score. As mentioned earlier, when we started my credit score was under 620… The last time I checked my scores again my mid score had risen to 754!!!


Check it out:

credit repair success cory

Here’s a picture of my little family in the backyard of the new home we bought in Oceanside, CA. We’re happy and we owe a lot of it to Credit Repair Heroes.


If you’re in a similar situation or even have some minor items you want help with, I’m sure they can help.